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Your membership in the AFSA Upstate New York Chapter helps cover costs for legislative activities and other work important to the Merit Shop fire sprinkler industry

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Learn the benefits of joining a chapter of the American Fire Sprinkler Association.

Contractor Membership benefits


Technical Resources

  • Access to FREE Informal Interpretations, which are written interpretations available from the Technical Services Department, on any subject related to automatic fire sprinklers. Informal interpretations are generated from the AFSA library, NFPA Standards, building codes and the knowledge gained as members of NFPA Technical Committees. Use this benefit like an Extension of your Design Staff
  • Exclusive Members-Only access to the online Informal Interp Archives
  • Weekly technical info through the Tech Update eNewsletter

Education & Training

  • AFSA’s membership benefits include substantial DISCOUNTS and access to the best in education and training for: 
  • Fitter Apprenticeship Training: Commercial and Residential
  • System Layout / Designer
  • Inspection, Testing, & Maintenance of Water-Based Systems
  • Foremanship / Sales / Estimating / Project Management
  • Supervisor Online Training
  • Updates and latest changes to industry codes, standards, and practices through a variety of options, including correspondence courses, hands-on classes, traveling seminars, live and on-demand webinars, and online courses

Legal Consultation

  • All AFSA members are entitled to a FREE, initial legal consultation, over the phone, with a nationally known attorney who specializes in labor litigation
  • After this initial consultation, if necessary, the attorney will connect you with a law firm in your area who will take on your case

Business Solutions

  • AFSA Contractors Insurance Solution
  • MMIC Health Insurance
  • Background Screening & Drug Testing Service
  • Debt Collections
  • ExxonMobil Fleet Card Program
  • UPS LTL Freight Savings Program

Industry Information/Public Relations/Industry Promotion

  • Receive valuable and timely industry information through Sprinkler Age magazine and AFSA’s many eNewsletters
  • Exclusive Members-Only AFSA 
  • AFSA works within the industry and the media to promote fire safety and an awareness of the value of fire sprinklers in saving lives and property
  • AFSA is a source of information on legislative activities throughout the nation, and we serve as a clearing house for information and statistics that could help promote sprinklers in your local area
  • AFSA was one of the founding members of the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition, an organization dedicated to the life-saving value of home fire sprinkler protectionwebsite access
  • AFSA’s Ultimate Fire Sprinkler Guide, an Online Buyers Guide for Contractor members
  • AFSA’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram serve as valuable tools to build relations, increase learning, and connect with other members via social media avenues

And Much More!

All members of the AFSA Upstate New York Chapter must also be members of AFSA National.